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ChannelUnity Product Data Developments

Marketplaces are demanding more and more data from merchants to support product listings. Look at the range of mandatory and optional fields within any Amazon category and you’ll see what we mean. If you don’t supply all the data you can, you’re missing out on opportunities to have customers find your products.

It’s not always practical to store all this data in your online eCommerce store, and that’s where Data Enrichment comes in.

Taken from the Data Enrichment process.

The tool works via Microsoft Excel. You can very easily download product data from ChannelUnity to Excel, update it in Excel using cut/paste, lookups and any rules or formulae you can imagine, then upload the results to ChannelUnity and your marketplaces. All data is validated and checked in the process. If you run listings in multiple languages, you can also use Data Enrichment to generate language versions of all your data.

Export, use the translation service of your choice, then re-import the data. Other details of selling internationally, for example US / EU / UK sizes, can all be handled easily with multi-channel selling through this amazing new feature from ChannelUnity.

Content is key to customer success

With so many products uploaded to online global marketplaces, it’s essential to provide detailed accurate content to support the optimisation and visibility of your product in each field. With Data Enrichment, the depth into your product description allows you to cover further category areas and give the customer the best chance of finding you.

Taken from the Data Enrichment process.

Customers have a variety of marketplaces to find products on a similar level to your business. Just having your listing online now isn’t always enough to appeal to your audience. Knowing their search terms and using the information from those marketplace platforms, can be the difference between being visible and not.

Using Data Enrichment increases this opportunity by filling in a much more detailed framework for your product, with the efficiency of our system to integrate it on all platforms you need, to the best of its ability.

Will it convert my product on all platforms I have it on?

Through using the ChannelUnity integration software, our dashboard uses powerful technology to make sure your products are in complete sync on each marketplace. There are variables, such as imagery rules to look out for on some platforms such as Amazon’s plain white background. But for the detailed field information, if there is an area for it, your Data Enrichment will make sure that the product show’s off as much of it’s assets as possible!

Taken from the Data Enrichment process.

It is there to note that ChannelUnity as a business, are not just supporting a plug-in and play application. When you become a customer, we are here to support your selling journey and our team will always look to support any difficulties you have. That’s why we have our training programme with Data Enrichment set up. So that we can support your learning of the new integration setup and make sure it has the best possible impact on your products impact, through your eCommerce platform.

Data Enrichment Training

To book on to this training and discuss information and a tailored process to your company, click the link below.

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