ERP Integrations that drive efficiency

Save time and resources by extending the reach of your ERP system.

Connect more
sales channels

Integrate marketplaces, integrate websites, integrate social channels. With access to an ever expanding list of ChannelUnity integrations. We provide comprehensive ongoing support for 12 international versions of Amazon, 18 international versions of Ebay, and a variety of more niche marketplaces. We also implement bespoke integrations based on customer needs.

Stay On Top Of
Complexity & Change

Stay ahead

Data requirements are a moving feast, and it can be challenging to keep up. With ChannelUnity, you’ll stay ahead of changing requirements, for example in data feeds and order processing integrations.

Competitive repricing

Our dynamic repricing tools let you set your prices automatically with regard to other Amazon sellers who meet a set of criteria you specify. You’ll never have to worry about your prices staying competitive.

Optimise shipping

Optimise shipping with fine-grained control by marketplace, country and product.

Stay flexible

Powerful templates control how product data from your systems are mapped to marketplace listings, with control over appearance, content, and business rules. ChannelUnity efficiently handles marketplace integration for seasoned pros.

Velocity Repricing

Automate the repricing of your products based on the momentum of sales. Reduce the selling prices of products which are slow moving and raise prices of products which are selling well within given parameters.

Amazon Multichannel Fulfilment

Send inventory directly to an Amazon fulfilment centre for storage and ongoing logistics. When customers purchase products on your website or another third-party sales channel, Amazon receives your orders and picks, packs, and ships them directly to your customers.


Online selling has to be done correctly. Get it wrong, and your listings can be downgraded, or worse, your account could be suspended. With ChannelUnity, our experienced professionals are right by your side every step of the way with our managed onboarding process, including helping you get your data in the best shape, testing integrations prior to launch, and executing a risk-free go-live.