So you want to list Shopify products on…


You probably already know that the Shopify eBay integration only covers the marketplace. If you are a UK Shopify seller, wanting to list your products on then they don’t have you covered. In fact it doesn’t matter where in the world you are based. If you want to list Shopify products on then Shopify doesn’t have you covered.


ChannelUnity has you covered

ChannelUnity works in a very similar way to the Shopify eBay integration:

  • You use your Shopify product data to create listings.
  • eBay Inventory is automatically kept up to date with Shopify
  • Orders placed on eBay are automatically imported into Shopify
  • Tracking details added to Shopify are automatically sent back to eBay when dispatch is confirmed.


But we’ve been doing this for a decade, so you might expect our solution to give you more. And it does:

  • Create product listings on 18 eBay marketplaces.
  • Create product listings in bulk.
  • Maximum Quantity to Advertise settings make the most of your eBay limits and encourage customers to buy one of few remaining items.
  • Stop Sell Limit settings ensure that you can choose to automatically withdraw listings from sale on eBay before you reach 0 available inventory.
  • A full eBay theme templates editor for creating and managing your eBay templates.
  • eBay Promotions Manager Integration
  • Use Shopify Product Tags as marketplace data fields.
  • Metafields 2 Support for virtually unlimited eBay item specifics support.
  • Map any Shopify data field to any eBay data field.
  • Connections to 14 more Global marketplaces including Amazon, Etsy, NewEgg, Fruugo and Wayfair.


We’re so confident that our service is the most flexible solution to list Shopify products on that we’ll let you have it Free for 14 days to explore and ensure that it meets your needs.


We offer a setup and familiarisation call with our market leading support team to help ensure that you get setup as quickly as possible, with a full understanding of how to use the solution to achieve your goals.

Sell smarter with ChannelUnity

Contact us today for a no cost, no obligation, no pressure chat about your integration requirements or multichannel goals and we’ll let you know how we can help.


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