Ecommerce ↔ ERP Integration From ChannelUnity

When you think of ChannelUnity the first thing that comes to mind is marketplace integration. But did you know we can also integrate your ecommerce platform platform with your ERP, inventory management system, order management system, or WMS?

ChannelUnity normally uses an Ecommerce platform as the source of data on products, inventory, pricing, to drive listings on marketplaces.   We then sync orders and shipment confirmations.   But we can also use certain back-office systems as the main source of data, and treat your ecommerce store as a sales channel. 

This integration option has been used so far by ChannelUnity customers with Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce solutions.   The ‘host system’, i.e. the master source of data, can be NetSuite, SAP’s Business By Design platform or any other solution connected via our Custom API.

What Are Your Advantages?

The advantages of this form of integration are considerable. By treating Shopify, BigCommerce or Magento as a sales channel, just like Amazon, Ebay, or any other marketplace, you have complete control over all your sales channels, and the ability to add new ecommerce storefronts as needed.

For example; to deploy web-shops for additional brands, or in different countries or regions.  It simplifies the order flow into your back-end systems, let’s you take advantage of multiple warehouses, and more sophisticated supply chains to support all of your ecommerce channels.

One customer even used a legacy Magento 1 platform as the host system, with BigCommerce and certain marketplaces as sales channels, as part of a phased migration programme.

If you’re planning an ERP project be sure to talk to us. The flexibility of our solution could make your plans a lot easier than it might otherwise be!