A former M2E Pro customer left us some amazing feedback this week after finding our M2E Pro Alternative. It goes a long way in proving that the work that we’ve put in to ensuring that our multichannel support is truly market leading has been well worth it.

When we first spoke with Les at Snuggle Feet Limited he was already set on moving away from Magento. Les told us that some of his team were finding it overly complicated and too technical. He was looking at both Bigcommerce and Shopify as potential Magento alternatives. Anecdotally, it’s a story that we’re hearing on an increasingly frequent basis from companies without internal or external dedicated Magento Support. Whilst it looks like Magento are trying to go some way to addressing these concerns with some of the Magento 2 changes, it’s still early days. Lots of the businesses that we’ve talked to in recently are wary of being an early adopter. By early March, Les had replicated his store with Shopify and satisfied himself that a move in that direction was going to be best for Snuggle Feet. There was one key thing preventing him from being able to make the change.

Les couldn’t find an M2E Pro Alternative for Shopify. Then he found ChannelUnity. We’ve been working with Les since 11th March, he emailed yesterday to let us know that he’d left us a review on the Shopify App store and we can’t help but feel a bit chuffed but we’ll let him tell you all about it…

“We have moved our ecommerce software / system from Magento to Shopify. Before we switched platforms we needed to find a Shopify plugin and third party company that we could use to import Amazon orders from all five Amazon EU marketplaces, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, as well as eBay UK direct into the Shopify order admin page (Basically we were looking for a good replacement to M2E Pro / Magento).

So now after setting up ChannelUnity and our Shopify system all eBay and Amazon orders show up in Shopify admin along with our Shopify orders, all orders in one place is a great way to work.

At the time of writing this, there were no other systems/plugins that offered this import order feature into Shopify, instead other multi-channel systems want you to login to their online portal to process orders. Also no other multi-channel companies integrate with all five Amazon EU marketplaces, they mainly offer US and UK Amazon only.

Another key feature we needed was to synchronise stock levels between Shopify and all marketplaces. ChannelUnity handled this with no problem at all, including products like our baby shoes that came in various sizes.

We tested numerous plugins/companies, but none of them compared to ChannelUnity. I contacted ChannelUnity and right from the outset Matt and his team (mainly Emmet and Rob) were extremely helpful and knowledgeable (they know their stuff), to be honest nothing was too much for them to do.

Now, using Shopify, I am able to select any amount of orders (eBay / Amazon / Shopify web orders) and process them direct from Shopify admin, also when I ship them in Shopify, ChannelUnity marks them as shipped in eBay and Amazon.

The whole process can take less than a minute, saving me valuable time to run my business.

I can’t thank Matt and his team enough!”

We can’t thank Les enough for giving us a try and look forward to a long a fruitful multichannel partnership.