Why Zalando Should Be Your Next ChannelUnity Integration.

Zalando is the piping hot marketplace to be for fashion brands right now, so why aren’t you on it?

What is Zalando?

Zalando is a German high-end, fashion-focused marketplace, with a reputation for being selective with the brands they allow on their marketplace platform. As a marketplace that is rapidly growing, the don’t lower their standard of seller for desire of sales. However, for that selective process, they demand a high level of interest from its consumer, with over 185million orders made in 2020.

From it’s surge in growth, the platform is extremely sort after and as ChannelUnity is one of a select few integrators that Zalando themselves recommend, we have seen a large rise in global business integration requests for the German company.

Creating an account / Request to sell on Zalando.

To begin, ChannelUnity will request that you register for an account with Zalando which you can do here. We can support your integration to the platform and the seller processes once on the marketplace, however to begin, you must be accepted in principle by the marketplace. 

Once you have registered, you will also want to register an account with ChannelUnity and connect your eCommerce platform. This can be done here and will begin the process with our team to assess your product data and begin the conversation with you about onboarding as a CU customer. 

Deciding whether Z-Direct (Zalando Partner Program) or ZFS works best for you.

One thing it is important to note when considering Zalando, much like Amazon, there is an option for Zalando Fulfilment Solutions (ZFS) or Zalando Direct selling (zDirect). 

zDirect provides easy access to Zalando’s various platform services. Partners using Zalando Fulfillment Solutions (ZFS) can check stock availability on zDirect to replenish effectively. Zalando Marketing Services (ZMS) tooling is currently being rolled out to all partners to make it easier for them to launch marketing campaigns with only a couple of clicks directly on zDirect. – Zalando’s Website

  • Zalando’s partner programme is essential to the customer because it is the gateway to most of Zalando’s seller information. It gives access to their current customer base over seventeen different countries  and supports brand recognitions through in store and online developments, which is vital for the fashion market.
  • Zalando Fulfilment Solution benefits the seller by giving them access to Zalando logistics and infrastructure. From this, Zalando works with the customer, knowing their inventory to fulfil their large assortment of order and working with the customer for smaller individual orders.
Request a ChannelUnity account and setup an initial meeting with the CU team.

Our ChannelUnity team is here to support you from initial discussion, to full integration and live selling. We work with you every step of the way, offering a data review before you become a fully onboarded customer. This allows us to have a meaningful and transparent conversation around your business and how we can support you best. 

With a discussion, demo, data review and onboarding discussion, you will be confident in the knowledge of how our system will benefit you selling. Plus once you are fully set up and selling with Zalando, our benefits really shine through, with more and more marketplace options for you to integrate to next.

With the ChannelUnity system you can integrate with multiple marketplaces and control them all from the one system dashboard. Your inventory updates in real time* across the platforms, whilst our bespoke Data Enrichment and Translation tools help maximise your product potential and placement on each marketplace.

Products assessed and ready for Zalando integration.

Once you have become a ‘fully onboarded’ ChannelUnity user, you will then be able to start selling on Zalando. Zalando will assess your company and let you know which, if not all of the seventeen global location they will allow your products to sell on. The ChannelUnity system will register this and is ready with Data Translation to support global product listing. 

Begin selling

Now you are ready to sell on one of the more recent influential platforms. Our support team is here whenever you need us and our communications team will keep you informed of any updates and improvements. We make things easy for you, so that you have time to focus on your business’s future, strategy and developments. 

Once you are selling well and business growth is peaking, then when you are ready to integrate into another marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, Wayfair, Walmart and more. Your products are already in our system, so it’s just down to your choice from what we offer, then we integrate your products there too.

We are ready and waiting. Are you ready to begin your multichannel journey and sell at scale successfully?