The 5 minute guide to start selling on Walmart Marketplace
Should you start selling on Walmart marketplace? Read on, because we think that you will be able to answer that question within the 5 minutes it will take you to read this post.
Walmart marketplace is fast becoming a key sales channel for many mid-market and enterprise online retailers. However, until now there have been two hurdles for any retailer that wants to start selling on Walmart.
  1. Passing Walmart’s entrance criteria
  2. Integrating product data, inventory levels and order processing with their existing systems.
For businesses using Shopify, Netsuite, Magento, Bigcommerce or WooCommerce it’s now easier than ever to integrate with Walmart, as ChannelUnity has integrated Walmart with our easy to use integration platform. If your business meets the Walmart entrance requirements you have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain, so here’s the critical to help determine whether Walmart is for you.

How many people shop on Walmart marketplace? 

A lot, about 110million. And who wouldn’t benefit from putting their products in front of a group of shoppers that large? Walmart shoppers are one of the largest groups of online shoppers, only behind Amazon and eBay in the USA. These customers are also less likely to be checking Amazon first when starting their online search for a new product. This means that many businesses are reaching customers that they have not reached before on Walmart. More importantly, retailers see that selling on Walmart marketplace is leading to order volume that they thought would only be reached many years into the future:

Toynk Toys: “We can get new products on Walmart Marketplace and the sales come faster than any other marketplace we are on.”

Acktify: “Acktify found 30 million new customers, and all we are seeing is continued growth for products that we’ve never sold before.”

goTRG: “We more than quadrupled the volume monthly. We saw terrific growth on Walmart Marketplace.”

How much does it cost to start selling on Walmart marketplace?

Selling on Walmart marketplace can offer better value than either Amazon or eBay, because there’s no listing fee or monthly account cost. A Walmart account which enables you to list your products is FREE, so if you don’t sell anything then there’s no charge. You only pay when you start selling on Walmart marketplace, because Walmart charge a percentage of the gross order value on each sale you make. The percentage charge varies between different item categories. Here is the full list, so you can understand the Walmart costs for your products:
Apparel & Accessories 15%
Automotive & Powersports 12%
Baby 15%
Beauty 15%
Books 15%
Camera & Photo 8%
Cell Phones 8%
Consumer Electronics 8%
Electronics Accessories 15%
Furniture & Decor 15%
Game Consoles 8%
Gourmet Food 15%
Grocery 15%
Health & Personal Care 15%
Home & Garden 15%
Industrial & Scientific 12%
Jewelry 20%
Kitchen 15%
Luggage & Travel Accessories 15%
Major Appliances 8%
Music 15%
Musical Instruments 12%
Office Products 15%
Outdoors 15%
Personal Computers 6%
Pet Supplies 15%
Shoes, Handbags & Sunglasses 15%
Software & Computer Video Games 15%
Sporting Goods 15%
Tires & Wheels 10%
Tools & Home Improvement 12%
Toys & Games 15%
Video & DVD 15%
Video Games 15%
Watches 15%
Everything Else 15%

Do you meet the criteria which would allow you to start selling on Walmart marketplace?

Walmart is a gated marketplace. They want to check whether each potential seller is a good fit before allowing them to start listing products. This means that it’s not possible for every new online retailer to list their products on Walmart, so the potential is even greater for those that meet the following spec:
  1. Annual turnover must be greater than $400,000
  2. Already be selling on another online marketplace (preferably Amazon)
  3. Dispatching your products from your own warehouse or fulfillment centre in the USA.
  4. Must list at least 10% of your product catalogue when going live on Walmart.
  5. Your Walmart prices should not be higher than those that you advertise elsewhere online.

Would you start selling on Walmart marketplace if it was seamlessly integrated into your existing systems and processes?

Juggling multiple sales channels can take a lot of time and mistakes that lead to overselling can result in your marketplace account being suspended or totally closed. With ChannelUnity, the key challenges of opening up and running new sales channels are handled automatically by our sophisticated software:

– Creating new listings individually or in bulk is a breeze.

– Automatically keep product data, price and inventory quantity up to date and synchronized with your core system.

– Receive Walmart orders automatically imported into your existing systems, to be shipped orders from your other sales channels.

– Dispatch confirmation and tracking numbers are automatically confirmed to Walmart when these details are updated in your existing systems.

There is no easier way to integrate your existing systems with Walmart marketplace. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll love ChannelUnity that we offer support through your Walmart implementation period and a 14 day free trial from the point that your Walmart products go live.

Are there any downsides to understand before you start selling on Walmart?

You can start selling on Walmart marketplace pretty much risk free, because there’s no upfront or ongoing cost if you aren’t selling. Integration and automation services, such as ChannelUnity, can be adopted from as little as $25/month. Therefore, this a low risk project with a massive potential reward.


Walmart’s marketplace has gone through enormous growth within the last 12 months as they have increased their focus on online. If you are are targeting high growth for your business, we believe that you should be considering Walmart for adoption within the next 12 months. If you would like a 1-1 tour of the ChannelUnity software with a member of our support team to see how easily you could start selling on Walmart marketplace, please just book a time to suit you here and we look forward to talking with you soon: