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With our innovative approach to selling on marketplaces, Magento becomes your selling hub.

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What is ChannelUnity?

Connect Magento, then Sell. Everywhere.™

ChannelUnity uses high performance cluster computing to make it easier than ever before for online retailers around the world to sell on marketplaces. Our unique system connects deeply yet safely into Magento and listens to every product update, every stock level change and streams this update to our cloud.

With these updates received we automatically send the update through to the marketplace listings for the product. Meanwhile, another part of our system automatically checks for new pending orders on your marketplace accounts. When it finds pending orders, our system reserves stock within Magento until full payment for the order has been received successfully and the marketplace completes fraud screening to protect against overselling.

Next, with the order cleared by the marketplace, our system posts the order through to Magento where it appears as normal under Sales > Orders. From here onwards, automation is replaced by your own business rules; the order is ready for you to manage exactly as you do orders on your own website. When the order is marked as shipped, tracking information is entered or the order is cancelled by creating a credit memo, our cloud is updated in real-time and updates the marketplace where the order came from.

When it comes to adding new products, we have an ace up our sleeve. During setup, our system asks you to create a simple mapping between the categories and attributes within Magento and your a standardised list of categories and attributes. By mapping your information onto our standardised lists, our system automatically & intelligently knows where to list your items on the marketplaces we support and what information to send. This is artificial intelligence, at your service.


“ChannelUnity is perfect; not only does it work, the support is excellent and it also uses cloud hosting to stop the load on our server. Once you understand how it works you will question why you never used it before.”
Rob Lynch –


A clear view on whats happening.

While our powerful cloud platform adds new items to your marketplace accounts in the background, watch as your listings pass from ‘Uploading’ to ‘Live’. If a marketplace needs to know more information about your items, we present you with help on how to resolve the issue – for example, providing more information about your products.

With ChannelUnity, you have complete control over what sells where. When you connect your account to your marketplace channels, our service scans your account for items which match the products within your Magento store where they match by SKU and puts these items straight into our ‘Live’ folder. You can then choose products to add to this within ‘Not Listed’ – often, a single click is all it takes to make an item live.

Listening to our customers, we added the ‘Do Not List’ folder – this acts as a reminder that some items cannot be sold on marketplaces. This is a folder for you to use as you feel; perhaps a brand won’t let you sell their items on marketplaces, or perhaps some low margin items…

“ChannelUnity is making our lives at LUCA a lot easier. It helps us to be present on several Amazon marketplaces.”
Sebastian Grötsch –

Marketplace Strategy Tools

When selling on eBay marketplaces, listing design and clear photography coupled with an eye catching product title matter most; for this we built a fantastic WYSIWYG listings designer which allows you to add your products onto marketplaces (as shown on the right).

On Amazon and Rakuten marketplaces however, price and rating matter. We have built the worlds fastest Competitive Repricing solution – Repricing+™ – for Amazon marketplaces and have made it available at no extra cost (. Amazon notifies our system in as little as one second of a competitor changing their price on a marketplace, and our powerful cloud platform then calculates what your new selling price should be, posting this back in seconds.

Traditionally, services offering repricing loop through your entire product database in hourly loops. This means that with ChannelUnity and Repricing+, you can gain an extra 59 minutes per hour of being the cheapest seller!
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