Gill UK Integrating Case Study with ChannelUnity


  • Client: Gill Marine UK
  • Marketplaces: Amazon, Ebay, Friends of Joules
  • Platforms: BigCommerce

"Channel Unity have been instrumental in helping launch Gill onto the Third-party selling market; helping us create brand and product awareness as well as providing new routes to market."

Sarah Morley
Marketplace Web Manager


Gill Marine was an idea first born on British waters in 1975 by founder Nick Gill, a keen sailor who wanted to create a range of sailing products without compromise; the best fabrics, the best features, the best quality. Now trusted for over 40 years, Gill Marine has grown into an established technical apparel brand meeting consumer needs both on and off the water and continues to combine innovative design with the latest fabric technology to increase the performance of its range. We are extremely proud to work alongside their growth in their eCommerce development through the BigCommerce platform.

With offices in both the USA and UK, Gill Marine has international reach and this is reflected in their marketplace integration setup, as we have seen their marketplaces opportunities grow to six different Amazon marketplaces in; UK, USA, Spain, Germany, France and Italy. Gill also make the most of the eBay customer database by trading their range on this sales channel too.

"Channel Unity have been instrumental in helping launch Gill onto the Third-party selling market; helping us create brand and product awareness as well as providing new routes to market. Initial set up of our Amazon integration was a relatively quick and painless process; the onboarding team went through all of our requirements and tested each step thoroughly to ensure the synchronisation worked perfectly before going live." - Sarah Morley, Gill Marine

Bringing UK Sporting Heritage To ChannelUnity

ChannelUnity’s team are proud to work with an iconic sporting brand like Gill. Our team, has been directly involved in the project as we have worked in collaboration to find the best fit solution design for Gill.

Since go-live, Gill has used ChannelUnity to:

  • Utilise optimisation tools such as data enrichment to create new marketplace attributes and values to boost performance.
  • Integrate several new territories on Amazon & Ebay sites.
  • Launch on Friend of Joules marketplace, iconic British retailer via our connection to Mirakl.

With these well-calculated steps, Gill has seen positive growth  whilst protecting their brand image with a strategic choice of markets. 

ChannelUnity are looking forward to the future with Gill as we progress together in partnership.

Customer Support is key to success

With the need for targeted marketplace placements in line with their brand strategy, understanding Gill’s requirements exactly has been key to the project. This partner/ consultative approach has lead to strong channel growth in both the UK and European markets. Sarah Morley Gill’s believes the ChannelUnity team’s customer service was key to Gill’s sustainable growth.

The Customer Success Advisors were always on hand to provide support using the platform and keeping us updated of any additional tools added to the platform; the data enrichment tool being one such addition, this tool has completely changed the way we list on Amazon and helped us create more engaging product listings and ultimately increased sales.

Looking towards to the future with Friends of Joules marketplace

ChannelUnity’s investment in new marketplaces has been a key driver for success with it’s clients and through development to the Mirakl platform, over 70 new marketplaces were on offer, to the delight of Gill’s team.

When the opportunity arose for us to start selling a selection of our Gill products on the marketplace “Friends of Joules” we didn’t hesitate in contacting Channel Unity to help with the Mirakl integration.

This was an important collaboration for us, enabling us to reach new customers and create brand awareness within an already established customer base.

The Channel Unity Team were careful to consider all of Gill and Friends of Joules requirements to create the required level of integration to allow us to work much more efficiently with Friends of Joules” – Sarah Morley, Gill Marine UK

So what's next for Gill Marine?

As Gill’s growth continues and with ChannelUnity providing new and exciting marketplace options, Sarah believes that the future looks very fruitful.

All of our 3rd party endeavours have proven to be extremely successful and over the past year our platform sales have more than doubled. Looking ahead we are planning expansion into the EU Third-party Market and are confident that Channel Unity have all of the knowledge and experience to help make this venture just as successful”.