There's no need to adopt a third party Amazon Repricer when using ChannelUnity. We include our leading intelligent repricer as standard.

It's common knowledge that whilst customer ratings and seller performance are important elements, it's selling at the best price which is the key to winning buy box pole position. We see young upstarts taking to Amazon every day, targeting specific products and sometimes beating more established rivals to the buy box by simply offering a reduced price.

You can't afford to ignore competitors who are beating your price but your time is better spent elsewhere than on constant manual checking and adjusting. That's why we developed a world class Amazon Repricer that is available as standard to all ChannelUnity customers at no extra cost.

Traditional repricers check products and competitors on a loop meaning that the more products and competitors that are being checked, the longer the time between pricing checks - typically taking an additional 15 minutes for each extra 10,000 products being checked. We eliminated that flaw when developing our solution. Our proprietary intelligent cloud is proactively notified and responds within seconds of a competitor changing price. Repricing rules set by you in advance are used to determine whether you want to respond by reducing your price, and if so by how much, whilst integral safety locks ensure that your products are never adjusted to a price which is lower than a limit that you set. 

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