Synchromatic Service Launch

On 22nd October ChannelUnity launched Synchromatic, a giant leap forward in easy online selling for small and medium sized businesses. We're super excited to offer a service that will allow customers to sell on Amazon, direct through an online store, on eBay, on Facebook, on Fruugo, on Google Shopping, on NewEgg and on Tesco all using one service and supported by our awesome #LegendsOnSupport.

What's it all about?

ChannelUnity has been working with businesses who are selling online for pretty much a decade now. Our team has been involved in ecommerce for an awful lot longer. We've worked with customers using open-source carts like Magento, Zencart and WooCommerce. We've worked with customers using hosted carts like Shopify, Bigcommerce and 3dcart. We've integrated sales platforms with the best established online marketplaces, with some smaller marketplaces and we've designed integrations with various shopping sites. The overriding lesson we've taken away has been that the technology that has been required, until now, for multichannel online selling has not been an easy prospect for small and medium sized businesses.

With Synchromatic, we've made online selling easier whilst retaining flexibility.

If you can imagine a single online selling service, supported by a one support team (on hand 7 days a week), with standard connections to all of the most popular sales channels and which is so easy to use that it can be setup in as little as 30 minutes then you've got Synchromatic in one.

The feedback from our first customers has been awesome. You can read how Saint Decor found Synchromatic to be as easy to use as Shopify and as flexible as Magento here

Contact us if you'd like to learn more.