Netsuite and Etsy

Want to sell more efficiently by integrating Netsuite with Etsy?

ChannelUnity provides easy to use and reliable integrations, streaming your business critical data between Netsuite and Etsy. Our solutions deliver automation to your ecommerce sales channels, keeping them in sync and giving you more time to spend on what makes your business truly amazing.

The perfect fit...

Suite Channels powered by ChannelUnity integrates Netsuite and Etsy, empowering you to retain Netsuite at the heart of your multichannel ecommerce empire. We provide intelligence and automation, giving you more time to carry out the critical activities that will accelerate your business growth.

Native Netsuite Control - Integrate your critical sales channels direct from your Netsuite control panel. Integrations have never been this easy.

Supercharge your efficiency - ChannelUnity makes multichannel selling more easy and less time consuming than you'd ever think possible.

Legends on Support - Our team of marketplace experts are on hand seven days a week because we know that you don't stop selling at the weekend.

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Your challenge

Technical - You need a way to integrate your Netsuite platform with your Etsy setup but you can't get them to sync.

Financial and Time Bound - You don't have the time or money to invest in a 'from scratch' bespoke integration.

Growing pains - Your ecommerce growth is leading to high workload and too many manual processes.

Our solution

With Suite Channels, integrating Netsuite and Etsy is easy. We are integration specialists with a decade of experience synchronising the world's leading ecommerce systems with multiple sales channels.

SMB and Enterprise Ready - Our customers range from those just starting out on their ecommerce journey to those already turning over £30million+ on marketplaces alone.

One to Many - Whether you use one integration or connect every channel that we support, you'll get the same great service and consistent experience.

SaaS Power - Our software as a service platform is continually kept up to date. There's no painful upgrades and the latest features are released to all customers free of charge wherever possible. With new integrations being added regularly, we'll grow your potential with the latest top ecommerce channels.

Pro Features

Data Control - ChannelUnity ensures that your latest Netsuite product data is automatically updated on Etsy. With advanced data mapping features to ensure that you have the flexibility to set up your channels exactly as you need them.

Automatic Order Imports - We automatically import your Etsy Orders into Netsuite. Use Netsuite as your central hub of all product and ecommerce order data and avoid having data split across multiple solutions.

Custom Integrations - Our flexible system and developer API means that even if we don't already support a technology that you use, integrating it is a breeze.

ChannelUnity integrates Netsuite with:

ChannelUnity integrates Etsy with:

Sell smarter with ChannelUnity

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