Netsuite Integrations that Supercharge your Sales

Sync Channels is the native multichannel integration platform for high growth online retailers.


 Netsuite Integrations

Master multichannel selling with the tightest, most user friendly Netsuite integrations available.

Bring the complexities of multiple premium marketplaces into a single streamlined interface. Natively create, publish, and remove listings without ever leaving Netsuite.  Edit and modify product listing details with powerful tools that can even adjust many products at once using a ‘multi-edit’ tool. Select which marketplaces items appear in, and sort large product databases with ease using powerful filters. View real-time price data for each listing and use Netsuite’s built-in reporting to get access to every detail.

Middleware Power

Put Netsuite at the heart of your multichannel sales strategy.

Sync Channels is the integration layer that connects Netsuite to your critical sales channels.

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Sell smarter with Sync Channels

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