What You Need to Know About Etsy Product Images

Etsy Product Images

 The Whole Picture

The morning’s events began with many attempts at creating quality Etsy product images.  In the absence of good solid photographic equipment I used my very own Motorola G4 phone.  Amateur? Absolutely correct.

Etsy Product Images

One of my many questions is – can you even use phone camera pictures for Etsy product images?  Is the quality good enough?  What is the relevance of image size, DPI and file size?

The day started dull, and the photos? – well – dull! Nonetheless, with a few ‘googles’ and the digestion of a number of informative articles, I realise all is not lost.  It turns out that there are a number of free tools you can use to ‘spruce’ your Etsy product images up with without the need to be an adobe subscriber.  Etsy themselves mention the use of Aviary and Photoshop Express Online.

An Apple Macbook is my computing gadget of choice. I used a mix of tools in Apple Preview Adjust Colour settings and Google Photos (which is where my pictures land once I take the snap).  I am not a software expert by any means and I was able to fathom this out without too much bother.

Size IS everything!

At the start of my challenge to sell online, I was pretty much clueless.  I needed to learn about readability and search engine optimisation (SEO), slugs, keywords and crawlers.  Something else that came into focus was that to make a success of Etsy product images you need to understand that big pictures (lots of pixels) slow down image loading.  Slow image loading may contribute to losing ‘bored’ customers, and quite frankly makes you look like a bit of an amateur.

You can use Apple Preview to view your image, select Tools and Show Inspector to give you the lowdown on your image attributes. It tells you all the image size stuff you need to know.

The Etsy listing photo dimension requirements article is a must for your product images (click here). You can resize your image in Preview Tools Adjust Size. A typical image taken by my phone came out at 4160 x 2340 pixels (1.1mb) and I need to reduce the width to around 1000 pixels. I reduced the one below to 1024 x 546 (159kb).

How to take a good snap

The photography skills and general depiction of similar category Etsy product images appear considerably varied. I found an independant article which made interesting reading (click here) “The Do’s and Don’ts of Product Photography For Etsy Sellers”.  In truth, I didn’t follow all of the advice myself, in actual fact, I rather liked another article that I had read recently – “For Success – Don’t Follow Others” *.  This article actually refers to selling online with eBay and Amazon, so, fairly relevant.  Don’t forget that you can always change your Etsy product images if you’re not happy with them. Editing listings doesn’t cost you any extra.

*If you want to go on to sell on Amazon – you should note that images must have a plain white background.

Is there a perfect picture formula?

Taking quality listing product images isn’t a walk in the park.  I like to be all ‘artsie’. However, I soon realised that I needed to relinquish that need in order to get a decent image.  Like me, you can make it even harder on yourself by attempting to be a perfectionist in a field that you only started to dabble in today.  There will always be room for improvement.


I didn’t use the same formula throughEtsy Product Imagesout however, because I wanted some freedom of expression.  A few well placed props adds a bit of va-voom and identity.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that if you’re images don’t fit within Etsy’s requirements, an exclamation mark will be watermarked across your image download.

Etsy Product ImagesOn the matter of image titles, I have read mixed reports; some people believing Etsy does not use this data to improve search optimisation and others feel differently. For the time it takes to do, I would consider naming your images with appropriate keywords.  For example, Turquoise-Stone-Bracelet.

Time to press on with uploading the pics and completing my listings.  Follow my blog to see how I get on.