Simply selling the right items at the right price doesn't cut it anymore if you really want to maximise your marketplace sales. Our extensive experience with online marketplaces had led us to observe important buyer trends and respond accordingly - giving ChannelUnity customers the ability to customise their listings to prompt the best customer response and best sales figures.

Maximum Quantity to advertise - Customers are generally not swayed into making an impulse buy for an item with high levels of remaining stock, and high levels of stock of higher priced items can quickly reach your eBay selling limit. To solve both issues we provide customers with control over the maximum inventory to list at any time which is applied regardless of physical stock. If you set ChannelUnity to list three items then that's what will be listed, until physical stock drops below that number when actual stock numbers will be used again. 

Stop Sell Limit - Whilst updates across marketplaces are real-time using ChannelUnity, there's still a possibility of multiple customers ordering a final remaining item via differing sales channels. We responded to this potential issue by giving customers the ability to set a Stop Sell Limit. Artificially removing items from sale on marketplaces when remaining stock reaches this limit decreases the chances of overselling situations and retains your great reputation and seller status.

Projected Stock Levels - If you manufacture your items after orders are received then you may be in a position of wanting to advertise more inventory than exists within your store. We created marketplace control features which allow you to set projected stock values which are higher than actual stock recorded within your web store.

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