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Flexible, expert Magento Support that goes so much further than just your platform.

Flexible, awesome Magento Support - the kind you had always hoped for

We’ve worked with Magento since 2009 and there’s one thing that has been clear to us from the very beginning. Your ecommerce site is only ever as good as the Magento Support that’s available when issues arise.

More systems than ever are now needed in order to deliver an up to date and effective ecommerce platform. Multiple disparate teams, responsible for your Magento Support and other integrations can be the cause of issues and communication problems.

We think there’s a better way.

At ChannelUnity we’re marketplace and Magento specialists. We support Magento, as well as marketplace channels, delivering a service that’s totally focussed on smashing your sales targets.

We help with adhoc tasks, emergency issues, planned maintenance and upgrades, hosting optimisation, health checks and general site tasks. We know that the level of Magento support that is required can’t always be predicted accurately, especially in the event of issues that stop you selling, so our packages are flexible and cater for the unplanned without breaking your bank.

Dominic Hartley, Managing Director at, explains why he uses ChannelUnity Magento Support:

"Without signing up for expensive monthly contracts, finding good, flexible and reliable Magento support had previously been a challenge. ChannelUnity’s Magento support has proved to be ideal for us in that we only pay for the time we need. With good communication, quick response and a full breakdown of the time spent and work carried out we are very happy with the service received."

Pricing so simple it doesn't even need a table....


Adhoc Magento Support - £80/hour


10 Hour Block of Magento Support - £70/hour


Health Checks and Preventative Maintenance

Providing you with a Magento site that is up to date and delivering a great customer experience is what really gets us going. A site that delivers increased sales. A site that is more secure. A site that is less likely to suffer crippling - sales stopping - problems in the first place. Of course it doesn’t rule out the chance of experiencing an issue but, even in that event, issues can be resolved more quickly as a result.

Magento Setup and Optimisation

Whether you’re launching a new site or are targeting specific improvements without a major change, we ensure great results. We will understand your objectives and conduct an initial review or consultation designed to achieve those outcomes. We don’t do standardised reviews or configurations because we understand that every site is different.

Time for a change?

Give us a call, let us impress you with our knowledge, expertise and passion. Ensuring that your sales are the absolute focus.

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