LinkedIn is for eCommerce Retail too

With a user base here in the UK totalling (as of writing) 15m, the question is not “why” your business should have a LinkedIn presence – but why not? Social networking has been nothing short of transformative for the webspace. Improved broadband speeds, smarter algorithms, and more intuitive rules of engagement have benefited the everyday web surfer. But only now have networking sites grown up.

A typical rule of thumb for online advertisement is to have your own website. If consumers are able to Google search your company, they are more likely to trust the brand’s authenticity (and trust leads to interaction). With trust established, it makes sense to put the infrastructure in place for people to make online purchases. eCommerce giants like Amazon clearly demonstrate how lucrative convenience buying can be. But to further your brand’s visibility in the online landscape, a LinkedIn presence is crucial.

Many of the most successful online retailers already have one (this includes Amazon). Account creation is quick, easy and adaptable to your needs. A well-stocked LinkedIn page improves Google listing and this in turn improves the chances of new consumers finding your solution. Should your company get traction with your online consumers (through reviews, comments and sharing) – it sends a modern, approachable message to new consumers. There is potential to grow your brand that would have otherwise required huge investment of resources to accomplish. But you can do it for free.

Complimentary strategies include uploading a video to YouTube, to paying for Google AdWords and Facebook adverts. Business is still learning how to utilise the web to find its audience. But for now: LinkedIn remains the go-to-stop for professionals. As time goes by, more and more people will create digital selves. A networking account is an investment to find the consumers of tomorrow.