How to set up a successful Magento Amazon Integration

If you are looking for a Magento Amazon Integration there are several types of system which may help:


Third party inventory managements systems.

Products in this sector are designed to take over as the system at the centre of all online sales channels. These systems will typically become your main product database and the place that orders are fulfilled from. This approach reduces the use of Magento to simply one of many sales channels. This might be the equivalent of a Magento Amazon Integration insofar as products are listed on both Magento and Amazon and stock is kept up to date between the two. It’s most likely that this isn’t the ideal route for you but is worth knowing about.


Magento Amazon Integration systems

Systems like ChannelUnity provide a true Magento Amazon Integration which ensures that Magento is retained as your central system. The focus of the system is simply as a piece of middleware that communicates between Magento and Amazon. The integration keeps product data, inventory levels and prices up to date between your Magento product data and your Amazon listings. It also gives you the ability to create new listings and includes neat features like a realtime Amazon automatic repricing tool.


Synchronising Existing Listings

A good Magento Amazon Integration should cater for connecting to your existing listings. There are several things to be careful of when setting this up. If you are selling products that were originally listed on Amazon by a third party then there’s not a great deal of data which you can change. You are really sending a price and shipping settings which will allow you to compete with the other sellers of that item. There’s little risk of wrecking the Amazon listing when connecting it to Magento.

If you are the owner of the Amazon product listing you need to be careful that when you connect the listing to Magento, your Amazon data is not overwritten with product information from Magento that you don’t want there. Once the listing is overwritten, you won’t get the lost data back. Make sure that your Magento Amazon Integration caters for connecting to a listing for inventory updates without automatically sending all product data. Ensure that all of the Amazon listing data is in Magento and mapped accordingly before ever synchronising product data. With a good Magento Amazon integration you won’t ever need to complete this step if it’s not how you want to work.


Creating new Listings

We’re aware of several companies advertising their Magento Amazon Integration without mentioning that it does not cater for the creation of new listings. Some providers will require you to list a product manually on Amazon and then synchronise it with Magento after publication. At ChannelUnity we give customers the ability to create new Amazon listings straight from Magento data. Simply map the Magento fields that contain the product data that you want to use and you’re away. List individual items or in bulk.


Importing Orders

You may want a Magento Amazon Integration which automatically imports Amazon orders into Magento. At ChannelUnity this is exactly how we work. We reduce Magento stock when importing an order and we can keep all connected sales channels up to date with your available stock to prevent overselling.


FBA Support

We are frequently surprised by how delighted customers are with our Magento Amazon Integration when they hear that ChannelUnity is fully compatible with Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). We give customers the same ability to create and synchronise listings for FBA products as with other listings. Order imports can be slightly different, customers select whether they want to import FBA orders into Magento. If they want them imported they can choose whether to reduce stock or not. You might want to reduce stock in Magento when an FBA order is placed on Amazon if you have a separate SKU in Magento to track FBA stock levels for a particular product. One of the cool features in ChannelUnity is the ability to ask the system to automatically switch your FBA listings over to Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) when FBA stock is 0. If you have the stock and can fulfil the orders temporarily this can be enormously beneficial in avoiding missing out on sales if there’s a gap between selling out and replenishing stock with Amazon.


Legends on Support

A serious Magento Amazon Integration is not a simple thing. It needs to cater for a large number of different customer scenarios. Make sure that you Magento Amazon Integration comes with market leading support or it may cost you more time than it saves. At ChannelUnity our customers have access to our Magento Amazon Integration experts 7 days a week. We suggest that you make sure that you’re going to have the right level of support as one of the key features when searching for a supplier.


If you’d like to find out more about our Magento Amazon Integration then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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