How to resolve the M2epro Double VAT Issue

If you have experienced the M2epro Double VAT Issue, you’ll know two things:

1) What a pain it is to keep your accounting systems and Magento back end looking right.

2) How worrying it is to be told by M2epro that ‘all you need to do’ is to change Magento Core Code in order to fix it.


The M2epro Double VAT Issue

The issue comes about because of the way that M2epro receives orders from marketplaces and how it then passes them into Magento.

Magento wants to be in charge of applying VAT to your orders, because its good like that.

Marketplaces want to make sure that they are sending VAT through on order details, because they are good like that.

When M2epro adds an order with the VAT, Magento then adds VAT all over again. D’oh!

As if by magic, you have the M2epro double VAT issue.

Sure, you can change Magento’s core code and how it deals with the application of M2epro orders - but let’s face it, core code changes are high risk and there’s a much better alternative.


The Solution

Have a chat with ChannelUnity, we do things properly.

Our support team seeks to understand how you are applying VAT, then puts settings in place within ChannelUnity so that orders are sent through with or without VAT, as per your requirements. If Magento is setup to add VAT, it does it once and hey presto! Things work like you’ve always wished they would.

We provide managed setups to ensure that your transition from M2epro to ChannelUnity is smooth and risk free so that you can get on with running your business.

Contact us today to find out more about moving to the professional Magento Multichannel Integration. You’ll find a full list of the marketplaces that we support here and a full introduction to our service here.

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