ChannelUnity Synchronizes Bigcommerce Inventory for Seamless Multichannel Sales

Woohoo! We’re super happy to have been featured in Bigcommerce’s latest case study with We are very proud to be one of the integral parts of the fantastic story of Andrew Gill and his successful ecommerce website.

With 50% increase in revenue and a 38% increase in orders, this is a really great story of how online store owners can benefit from the Bigcommerce and ChannelUnity partnership.

You can read the full Bigcommerce case study here, but here’s the lowdown on how ChannelUnity is helping to integrate Amazon, eBay, Fruugo and Etsy for this innovative UK business.

“As told to BigCommerce by Andrew Gill, Owner,

BigCommerce integrates seamlessly with the apps and tools we need to effectively run our store. Though we love selling direct, we can’t ignore the marketplaces which help us scale our overall business and increase our brand awareness. The trick is learning to enable the two to work alongside each other.

All of our inventory quantities are managed in BigCommerce, but we use ChannelUnity to pull inventory status and push it out to the various marketplaces including Amazon, where we’re a self-fulfilled Prime seller, eBay, Fruugo and Etsy.

ChannelUnity shows us various options, price alterations, which products I want to push out, which products need to be re-priced (either an increase or decrease) and more. It manages the uploading of products that meets the requirements of each marketplace, orders, and syncs inventory.

When I get a sale in BigCommerce, ChannelUnity automatically and immediately adjusts the stock on Amazon, eBay and other channels. Additionally, if I sell something on Amazon, then ChannelUnity pulls that sale from Amazon and updates it in BigCommerce."

All sales are managed from our BigCommerce dashboard, and ChannelUnity ensures we have a consistently synchronized inventory.”

If you want to supercharge your Bigcommerce store with worldwide marketplace integrations then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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