How to resolve the M2epro Double VAT Issue

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If you have experienced the M2epro Double VAT Issue, you’ll know two things: 1) What a pain it is to keep your accounting systems and Magento back end looking right. 2) How worrying it is to be told by M2epro that ‘all you need to do’ is to change Magento Core Code in order to fix it.   The M2epro Double VAT Issue The issue comes about because of the way that M2epro receives orders from marketplaces and how it then passes them into Magento. Magento wants to be in […]

ChannelUnity integrates multiple online sales channels with your existing systems. Amazon, Android, eBay, Etsy, Fruugo, iOS, NewEgg, Walmart and Wayfair are standard integrations. Sell more and more efficiently with ChannelUnity.

ChannelUnity Synchronizes Bigcommerce Inventory for Seamless Multichannel Sales

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Woohoo! We’re super happy to have been featured in Bigcommerce’s latest case study with We are very proud to be one of the integral parts of the fantastic story of Andrew Gill and his successful ecommerce website. With 50% increase in revenue and a 38% increase in orders, this is a really great story of how online store owners can benefit from the Bigcommerce and ChannelUnity partnership. You can read the full Bigcommerce case study here, but here’s the lowdown on how ChannelUnity is helping to integrate Amazon, eBay, […]

How to set up a successful Magento Amazon Integration

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If you are looking for a Magento Amazon Integration there are several types of system which may help:   Third party inventory managements systems. Products in this sector are designed to take over as the system at the centre of all online sales channels. These systems will typically become your main product database and the place that orders are fulfilled from. This approach reduces the use of Magento to simply one of many sales channels. This might be the equivalent of a Magento Amazon Integration insofar as products are listed on both […]

Magento 2 Multichannel Customer Testing Commences

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LIFT OFF! ChannelUnity Customer Testing with Magento 2 is under way. In the ChannelUnity office, someone who thinks that they are a comedy genius sets the music to Iron Maiden’s ‘Run to the Hills’ – funny… Let’s face it, the launch of Magento 2 has been a little bit weird. There’s no doubt that in terms of user friendliness it’s vastly superior to the previous iteration but some of the people we talked to about creating extensions had been ‘less than complimentary’ about the experience that they’ve had. Ours experience […]

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Why you should be selling on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon

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“The best time to start selling on Amazon and eBay was 20 years ago.The second best time to start is now.” We might have remembered that famous quote slightly wrong. Nevertheless, it’s amazing to think that the world’s largest sales channels are now both over 20 years old. Here are some of the things that we hear from companies who don’t think marketplaces are a fit for them: “Selling on marketplaces devalues our brand.” “The charges for selling on eBay and Amazon are too high.” “It’s too difficult to implement […]