• Client: Ideal Home Shopping
  • Marketplaces: Amazon, eBay, Fruugo
  • Platforms: Magento

“From a performance perspective, ChannelUnity has provided us with a more sophisticated solution to selling on marketplaces. We’ve been able to quickly integrate Amazon, eBay, Fruugo and we’ve created incremental sales growth of £1,000,000+ with a team of two people”



Ideal Shopping Direct is a global multichannel retailer, working across TV shopping, web sales and marketplaces. Prior to finding ChannelUnity, the use of marketplaces was limited due to the high time costs and lack of an ability to scale. Ideal Shopping Direct were looking for a way to expand through global marketplaces taking advantage of automation, rather than needing a large team of marketplace operators.

Having centralised direct online selling around a Magento ecommerce website, Ideal Shopping were clear that their preference would be for Magento to be retained at the heart of all online sales channels as they grew a marketplace presence.

Ideal Shopping selected ChannelUnity’s Multichannel Manager service to integrate their existing Magento store and product database with eBay, Amazon and Fruugo – extending a global marketplace sales reach. We talked to Daniel Benning, Marketplace Merchandiser at Ideal Shopping, to find out where the solution had made a difference.



With the introduction of ChannelUnity, we’ve been able to quickly integrate the obvious marketplace channels in eBay and Amazon, but with Fruugo we can extend our reach even further by selling products to 20+ countries, benefitting from the various Google shopping feeds and affiliate networks.

How would you describe your marketplace selling process prior to using MultiChannel Manager?

It was pretty basic. We had an eBay account and were selling with moderate success but even with that one marketplace, alongside our other channels, we were having issues with keeping stock levels up to date and with processing orders. There was no scope to expand.

How do you and your team currently use Multichannel Manager?

All we need to do is create listings from data that we’ve already got in Magento and then ChannelUnity automates the rest. Inventory levels are kept up to date across all channels, orders for any marketplace are all automatically imported into Magento and are fulfilled using the exact same process as our direct website orders. It’s pretty seamless.

What’s your advice to others who may be considering our product?

Go for it! ChannelUnity has been really helpful in producing incremental growth on global marketplaces that wouldn’t otherwise have been possible. We’re finding new customers from demographics that aren’t visiting our other routes to market.

How would you describe our service if you were explaining it to a friend?

ChannelUnity helps us to sell more by saving the time involved with running multiple marketplace sales channels, but it’s not just a piece of software. The team at CU are really hot on Customer Service and Support which is so important when we’re juggling an increasing number of sales channels.

What do you like most about our solution?

Dan: It’s not a totally separate system, it extends the functionality of what was already a really well developed Magento site and offers us the ability to integrate all of the marketplaces that we work with, not just eBay and Amazon.

What will you need from us in the future?

It’s going to be critical for any retailer to continue to grow the number of sales channels that it adopts if it wants to meet its potential. We need ChannelUnity to continue to stay up to date with the emerging marketplace opportunities so that we can take advantage of these.