Etsy Product Listing

Things that you should know about Etsy Product Listings

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The Relevance of Your Etsy Product Listings and Your Buy Stats One of the topics that you will need to master when setting up on Etsy is a full appreciation of Etsy product listings.  I am an Etsy novice and I am on a journey to see how easy it is to sell online, and I want to help you via my mistakes. Getting your Etsy product listings correct is going to be the single most critical factor in getting views and ultimately purchases. Product Categories – Be Specific – […]

Etsy Product Images

What You Need to Know About Etsy Product Images

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 The Whole Picture The morning’s events began with many attempts at creating quality Etsy product images.  In the absence of good solid photographic equipment I used my very own Motorola G4 phone.  Amateur? Absolutely correct. Etsy Product Images One of my many questions is – can you even use phone camera pictures for Etsy product images?  Is the quality good enough?  What is the relevance of image size, DPI and file size? The day started dull, and the photos? – well – dull! Nonetheless, with a few ‘googles’ and the […]

Selling on Etsy

Selling on Etsy – How to get Started – How to be Successful

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Selling on Etsy – Here we go! Today, I began the process of setting up for selling on Etsy. This is article No.3 in my selling online from scratch blog. As a newbie to the game, that is; blogging, selling on Etsy, and more specifically my macro objective of selling online – I am learning that you have to plan -BUT- don’t expect the plan to work or be a smooth ride….! In fact today’s disclosure is a mini ‘rant-blog’.   If you’re setting up for selling on Etsy, take […]

Online Marketplaces

Online Marketplaces – Finding the Best Fit

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Online Marketplaces – finding the best fit In an earlier blog I set the scene. I am a novice to online marketplaces, I have never had a website, or a webstore, and I have never blogged until this month. This is my story of becoming an Online Seller (from scratch). It’s hard to know where to start – I am learning as I go.  To start the ball rolling, I am fairly convinced I need to choose just one of the online marketplaces out there. I can use this marketplace as […]