ChannelUnity Complete Integration To Mirakl Platform

ChannelUnity bring you their latest marketplace platform integration, expanding their offering to Mirakl's 70+ Marketplaces

ChannelUnity has completed their intricate and extensive development to the Mirakl system. A system that boasts an incredible plethora of marketplaces, that we are now able to offer to our customers.

Work began on this major development at the beginning of the year and with over a hundred hours of developmental time. Our team have successfully created a full-scale integration to the global platform, with ChannelUnity clients already accessing it’s marketplace offering.

Each marketplace under the Mirakl platform will be accessible for our development team, for our customers to register interest. We already have work underway for; Urban Outfitters, Friends of Joules, La Redoute, B&Q and Decathlon to add to our ever expanding list of integrations.

ChannelUnity’s Marketplace Manager is a high level, tailored integration system that works to your needs. Our team assess your product data and need, whilst supporting your onboarding journey from idea to completion and live selling on a global scale.

"After completing our Mirakl integration, we are looking forward to working with Mirakl and bringing further marketplaces to our customers. With our additional bespoke tools such as Velocity Repricing and linking Amazon Multichannel Fulfilment to support inventory to all platforms, our customers put themselves in the best position to optimise their sales."
Matt Gardiner

ChannelUnity can now offer all 70+ Mirakl marketplaces upon request for integration work. For a quote  please register your company interest with our team at